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Circle Trail Challenge

Run 56 miles & 6700ft elevation gain in 3 days. Are you up to the challenge? Link

Training Camps

Train at high altitude and ace your next race. Link

Coaching Services

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Why train with us?

  • Escape the heat
  • Run/hike secluded, low-impact trails
  • Increase your overall fitness to reach your season goals
  • Enjoy scenery fit for a postcard
  • A personalized, scientific training plan designed for you
  • Seminars on advanced training, nutrition, trail running technique, and more

Experience the Prescott Circle Trail

Discover the 56 miles of trails that surrounds Prescott. Choose between the 3-day running challenge or the 5-day hiking experience. Single day expeditions are also available for each.

Are you up for the challenge?

prescott circle trail hike tours 5 days

Training Camps and Trail Tours

The High-Altitude Training Institute offers running camps in the beautiful trails of Northern Arizona. Based in Prescott, our team will guide you through the beautiful trails of Prescott, Flagstaff, and Sedona. Best of all, you take advantage of these amenities while capitalizing on the benefits of high-altitude acclimatization in the HATI’s running camp! Our goal is to help you achieve your goal. And we’ve gone to great lengths so that you’ll have fun doing it.

In addition to the running camps, you can explore the Prescott Circle Trail with our 3-day guided tours. You will explore the 56 miles of beautiful trails surrounding the town and camp along the way for 2 nights. We take care of everything so all you have to do is run! Check out the schedule to find our next tour dates.

And we’ve got the logistics covered. We’ve gone out of our way to make your running camp easy and relaxing so you can focus on enjoying the sport of running and improving your fitness. Airport shuttle? Hotel accommodations? Transportation? Trail guides? Breakfast & lunch? We have it covered!

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Coaching Services

VDOT O2 long distance running coachWhether you are looking to get faster or simply improve your fitness, we are here to help. Our VDOT O2 certified coaches can help you design a custom training plan to prepare for your next race. And yes, we can help you if you want to run as short as an 800m race on the track all the way to an ultra marathon. Figure out your goals today and meet them.

If you ever feel helpless or lost after signing up for a race, let us do the work for you. And if you have trouble staying motivated, we hold you accountable. If you often get injured, we select paces and workouts that keep you healthy. Choose between our monthly coaching service or simply purchase a training plan.

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