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Epic Runs Series

The Epic Runs series features videos of long trail runs. Follow the members of the HATI team on their adventures. You will discover new trails with GPX data, running tips, and enjoy the beauty of trail running. Join us periodically for new episodes of the Epic Runs series.

Treadmill Videos & Trail Maps

This section features trail videos shot with a GoPro camera and stabilized with the Feiyu Gimbal. The result is a set of stabilized treadmill videos that can be viewed on an tablet or phone while exercising on the treadmill, the elliptical or any other exercising machine.

Embedded into these trail videos are GPX data related to the run that was captured with a Garmin watch. The overlay presents data such as distance, speed, duration, elevation gain, and grade. For each video, a GPX track is available to download so it can be imported into a sports watch such as the Garmin Fenix, Epix or 910XT/920XT series.

Visit our YouTube Channel to see all the available videos.