Garmin BaseCamp Tutorials & GPX Tips

Garmin BaseCamp Tutorials

These Garmin BaseCamp tutorials videos help you accomplish basic and advanced tasks in Garmin’s trail management software. Our team is passionate about technology. We love mapping new areas as well as documenting new trails through the use of GPS watches. Over the years, we gathered a large amount of GPX tracks and GPX files, all managed in Garmin BaseCamp. You will also find a variety of GPX tips in these videos.

Garmin BaseCamp has proven to be the most efficient GPX tool. This page contains tutorials on how to use the software and how to effectively manage your data. This section also shows how to use certain Garmin sport watches in the context of trail running, and not getting lost. If you are looking for GPX data, your best bet is to visit the Trail Maps page and select some of the posts.