Trail Running Camp in Arizona

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Trails… everywhere!

Have you ever dreamed of hundreds of miles of trails, available right in your back yard? Trail running anytime you want, within a 15-minute drive?

Make your dream reality… The summer camp will take you on trail runs daily, discovering new areas in Prescott, Flagstaff, and Sedona. We pick you up from your accommodations and drive you to the trail head where our experienced trail running guides lead you through pristine trails and amazing scenery. Prescott offers over two hundred miles of trails around the city, with over 70 miles maintained by the City of Prescott and the rest maintained by the National Forest Services.

Fair warning around Watson Lake.
More views of Thumb Butte on Ridgetop Trail.
Cool views of the Dells on Constellation Trail.

The majority of the trail runs are within minutes of your accommodations in Prescott. However, in the interest of discovering more diverse landscapes and to reach altitudes above 7,000 feet, select runs will be done in Flagstaff. Sedona offers magical scenery, and although the elevation is “only” 4,000 feet, plan on at least one run in the beautiful red rocks.

For days traveling outside of Prescott, training may start earlier in order to accommodate for travel time. Flagstaff is approximately 1h45 drive and Sedona is 1h20 drive. Our passenger van will provide all the comfort you need for those longer rides, not to mention the beautiful singing voice of our driver. Be sure to bring all your running gear and a set of dry clothes for after the run. Find a few more tips on how to get ready on this page.

What to expect

This camp is designed primarily for intermediate to advanced runners. You should be able to run at least a 10-mile long run within 3 weeks of starting the camp. More is obviously better. The trails around here are NOT flat so be ready for some elevation gain. However, don’t be scared, this is not Leadville. Most of our trails are rolling with some steady climbs but nothing that requires hiking poles. Most of our runs will be around 5000-6000ft elevation with a few exceptions when we visit Flagstaff. It will take a few days to acclimate but we planned this in your schedule.

Typical Schedule

A typical schedule looks like this. Trails runs are 3-5 miles each time for a total of 6-10 miles daily. Most runs are in Prescott with a few morning outings in Sedona and Flagstaff. These runs will be assigned based on weather forecast. We try to run in Sedona on Wednesday and Flagstaff on Friday.

Saturday Arrival and check-in. Relax and enjoy Prescott on your own

Sunday Meet and Greet & Time trial on the track. We will spend time with each athlete to determine your goals and expectations. After lunch, you will discover the area as we drive around town and highlight some of the cool places to visit. Around 4pm, we will head out for our first trail run.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday Early morning, we head out to one of the many trails surrounding town for a trail run. Upon return, core session for everyone at the trailhead before heading out to lunch! Early afternoon, we hit the classroom for an informative session (Technical trail running on Monday, Race strategies on Wednesday, Nutrition on Friday) before another trail run towards the end of the day.

Tuesday– Early morning, it’s time to run on some technical trails. This is a workshop session where we stop at various spots and practice determining and taking the appropriate lines. We also discuss hill climbing and descending and how to deal with technical terrain. No core session today but a well deserved lunch! In the afternoon, we head to the classroom to discuss the benefits of altitude training.

Thursday– Time for a morning track workout! We help you determine appropriate speed while running on the track, discuss track etiquette, and many other things. Each runner will have a different workout at a specific speed. After lunch, we discuss advanced training in the classroom before heading out for another trail run.

Saturday– Here comes your epic long run! You’ve trained all week and now it’s time to put everything you’ve learned into the long run. Check out the description below for more information about your last outing. A good-bye barbecue will be held in your honor after the long run, after which we debrief and let you loose!

Long Runs

Your training package includes an epic long run on the last day. This will be the culmination of your hard trail running work for the week and a way to test your progress. The run will be held on Saturday and will highlight one of the most difficult trails in the area. We have several epic runs picked specifically for your fitness level and altitude acclimatization. Because the weather can be a tad unpredictable in mountainous regions, we do not assign any specific trail run until we know the weather forecast is reliable. From Granite Mountain or Spruce Mountain in Prescott to Mount Humphreys in Flagstaff, the choices are diverse and numerous.

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Prescott Trail Maps

Download the trail map PDF file.

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Training Location

Read more about the camp’s training locations.

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Explore the Area

Discover videos of the trails you will be running.


Accommodations are not included but we are happy to partner with the Watson Lake Inn to provide the perfect getaway. The Inn, located minutes from downtown Prescott, provides a secluded ambiance and spectacular views of the Granite Dells, Mingus Mountain, and the San Francisco Peaks in the distance. Watson Lake Inn is a hybrid concept, a bed & breakfast inn combined with a cooking school, located secluded in the Granite Dells near Watson Lake, but close to all the action around Prescott court house square. The Inn is the place for you to enjoy good food and exposure to culinary arts. All week, start your day with a tasty breakfast cooked by Master Chef Peter Gebauer and specifically designed to give you energy for a day of running.

watson lake inn bed and breakfast hike prescott
watson lake inn bed and breakfast hike prescott
watson lake inn bed and breakfast hike prescott

Get a free night at the Watson Lake Inn

Book 7 nights and receive a free night at the weekly rate. Room is limited so be sure to book today.

Book your room now



Safety First

Safety is paramount. Trail running takes you to rugged terrain in remote areas. In order to prepare for all possible situations, we put together a comprehensive safety package to ensure everyone is safe on each run.

  • CPR Certified

    Our trail running guides are CPR certified for your safety.

  • First Aid Kit

    Each trail running guide accompanying the group carries a first aid kit. Blisters, small cuts, infections, we have it all!

  • Rescue GPS Locator Beacon

    In case of a life-threatening emergency outside of cell phone coverage, we will activate our GPS-enabled rescue beaconGPS-enabled rescue beacon which connects directly to Search and Rescue.

  • Extra Food & Water

    Running out of energy is never fun, especially in the middle of nowhere. We carry extra food and water in case you need it.

  • GPS Watch with Maps

    Our team uses Garmin GPS watches with map capabilities such as the Garmin Epix and Fenix. This allows us to stay on course at all times and in case of an emergency, we can find our way back through the quickest route.

  • Carry your medication

    Do you require special medication? Maybe an EpiPen? We will carry it for you.


Included in your package is transportation from your accommodations to the trailhead. We will pick you up daily in the morning and drop you off when we’re done. If you decide not to book through our partner, the Watson Lake Inn (or if they are full), we ask that you book a room within 2 miles of downtown Prescott. Don’t hesitate to contact us before booking your room if you aren’t sure.

Transportation from the Phoenix airport to/from Phoenix is available as an option during checkout. We use a local professional transportation company who will pick you up at the airport and drop you off at your hotel. At the end of your stay, they will drop you off at the airport.

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