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So what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Arizona. Cactus, desert, sand, dreadful heat, Phoenix? What if we told you that you will NOT find any of this at our training locations. Rather you will find mountains, lower temperature, low humidity, and pine trees. Come in the winter and you will even encounter snow! And this is how we strategically picked our training locations.

  • High-Altitude Running

    From 4,000 to 12,000 feet, we’ve got it covered!

  • Great Temperatures

    With an average annual high of 70F in Prescott, 60F in Flagstaff, and 75F in Sedona, you sure can’t beat that!

  • Abundance of trails

    That’s an easy one. Hundreds and hundreds of miles of trails all around.

  • Amazing Vistas

    Plenty of those anywhere you look.

  • Facilities

    Tracks, hotels, restaurants are plentiful.

  • Proximity to large airport

    And with PHX less than two hours away, transportation is easy.

Prescott, AZ

Prescott is home to some of the best high-altitude running in Northern Arizona. Its close location to Phoenix, ideal altitude of 5,500ft, access to trails as high as 7,000ft, hundreds of miles of runnable trails within 30 minutes of downtown and a great infrastructure of hotels and restaurant make the charming Northern Arizona town a great running destination. And with a buzzling downtown area, especially on the week-end, you will find great local restaurants, shops and Western themed bars, within walking distance of your hotel.

Located at a mile-high, Prescott offers a great elevation for a smooth transition to high-altitude running. It is also a destination of choice from Spring to Fall for Phoenix residents who are looking to escape the heat. With an average yearly temperature of 70 degrees, Prescott offers a dry and mild climate year long. With an average of 5 days of snow every year, it is a great alternative to the heavy snow accumulations of Flagstaff. You will appreciate the drop in temperatures at night in the summer, along with the 65-70 degree afternoons in the Spring time.

Experience the Prescott Circle Trail

The Prescott Circle Trail (PCT) is a 56-mile trail that circumnavigates Prescott. The PCT is comprised of a variety of individual trails, all interconnected to create an amazing trail experience. The Prescott Circle Trail is composed of 22 different trail segments which totals approximately 6,700ft of elevation gain. You can choose to hike or run the entire course with our two options:

run the prescott circle trail
hike the prescott circle trail

High-Altitude Running

With an outdoors culture, Prescott offers a multitude of racing events throughout the year, attracting professionals and elite athletes for some high-altitude running and biking.


Whiskey Row Marathon

For almost 40 years, this race has tested runners of all ages. Voted one of the toughest marathon in the country!

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Whiskey Basin Ultra

With an 88K, 57K, 31K & 10K options, this race offers a distance for everyone, right on the Prescott Circle Trail.

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Whiskey Off-Road

This renowned mountain biking race attracts professionals and week-end warriors for a 3-day event in late April.

Flagstaff, AZ

With many professional athletes training there, Flagstaff has built a reputation for being one of the running mecca in the United States, right there with Boulder and Eugene. Standing at 7,000 feet elevation, it’s easy to see why. With great infrastructure available at Northern Arizona University (NAU), runners are not the only pros who come to Flagstaff. Swimmers and bikers are amongst the Olympians and World Records holder you may run into during your workout. And since it is located less than two hours from Prescott, Flagstaff is a perfect satellite location for some quality high-altitude running.

If the pros can train in Flagstaff, so can you! Hence our training camps include at least one run in Flagstaff, possibly more depending on the weather at the other two locations.

Highest Peak in Arizona

Flagstaff is home of the highest peak in Arizona: Mount Humphreys. Located in the San Francisco Peaks area, Humphreys culminates at 12,637 feet, offering incredible views of the surrounding areas. Accessible from a trail head located at the bottom of the Arizona Snow Bowl, the 5-mile, 3000-foot climb to the top will challenge your fitness. With the thin air at the start becoming thinner, a series a switchbacks zig-zag to a final section of rocky trail that finally takes you to the top. If you still have energy left, the 5-mile return can be substituted for an 18-mile extension to the west, often referred to as the best trail run in Arizona.

humphreys peak run flagstaff Trail head by the Arizona Snow Bowl.

san francisco peaks run flagstaff View of the sky slopes.

humphreys peak run flagstaff high altitudeAlmost to the top!

humphreys peak run flagstaff high altitudeAlmost to the top!



Sedona, AZ

Sedona offers some of the most stunning landscapes in all of Arizona and possibly the United States. Surrounded by over 1.8 million acres of National Forest, including The Red Rocks State Park, it makes it the perfect destination for nature lovers, including trail runners looking for epic high-altitude running.

The new mountain biking capital

Over the last few years, Sedona has become the new mountain biking capital of the United States. Once you see the beautiful red rocks and the availability of trails all around town, it’s easy to understand why. Many mountain biking magazine review their bikes in Sedona. And many pros come to tackle iconic trails such as Hangover and the impressive White Line. Caution, if you’re afraid of heights, these trails are not for you!

sedona landscape running

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