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Jessica Clark

Marathon, Half Marathon

Since the age of 14 Jessica has been pounding the pavement, trails, track, meadows, and fields. She grew up in central Upstate New York and was part of her middle school’s first outdoor track team. She knew that running was for her after being on the school’s field hockey team and preferring the warm up and cool down laps over practice! Her school didn’t have a track to practice on, so they often improvised on the surrounding landscape of our small town, spurring my love for trail running. 

After high school, she became a collegiate athlete and was urged to join the cross country team to help condition her for the indoor and outdoor track seasons. As a middle-distance runner, she believed that running anything over three miles was very far, and kind of crazy. She trained very diligently the summer before her first cross country season, fearing incompetency, but hard training paid off; she excelled in cross country for the first season and then for three seasons thereafter.  In her senior year, she qualified for and competed in the NCAA Division III Cross Country Championships.

After graduating college with her doctorate in physical therapy, she moved to Prescott to begin her career as a PT. A good friend that she met at her job helped her develop a love for long-distance running; the sunny and mild Prescott weather, seemingly endless trail system, and beautiful landscape were enticing –she was hooked.

She had run half marathons in New York after college, but didn’t run her first marathon until she completed her first ultra-marathon! Prior to running her first marathon, she went on an adventure run with a friend in the backcountry of Zion National Park and completed her longest run to date: 36 miles. She was surprised by how much she enjoyed it, and also surprised that she was capable of running such an incredible distance.

Ever since 2013, she has been running 1 to 2 marathons a year. She loves the challenge of a marathon and everything that comes with it –the hard training that pushes her physical fitness, the mental aspect that improves her tenacity, and the sense of achievement; all which make her a better person. Her lifetime goal is to someday complete all 6 Marathon Majors, and her immediate goal is to run a sub-3 hour marathon. In 2018 she will be running the Boston Marathon for the fourth time and the Chicago Marathon for the first time.

She looks forward to her running journey with High-Altitude Training Institute. The training that she received from Greg thus far has helped her achieve goals she never thought were possible! Follow her journey as she run towards another year of possibility and dream-catching, with blood, sweat, and tears included.

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