Your own Personal Running Pacer

Run a personal best at your next race

Whether they are a Running Pacer, Pacer Runner, Pacemaker, or Personal Pacer, their job is simple: get you across the finish line on time! Some marathons offer this service for free, but only for certain paces. What if you could hire your own personal running pacer? Finishing a race within your time goal is not always easy. Are you trying to qualify for Boston or simply run a PR on a 5K or 10K race? Our team of experienced running pacers will help you accomplish your goal and get across the finish line on time.

Reasons to hire a personal running pacer

Constant pace

A good race starts with proper pacing. We’ve all been there… You tapered for a few weeks before your race. You have fresh legs and a ton of adrenaline as you wait at the start line. And you’re off! Everyone around you is excited and nobody is looking at their watch. All of a sudden, your Garmin watch presents your first mile. 20 seconds ahead of time! “Great”, you think, that’s time in the bank for later…

This is the most common race mistake. And it leads to hitting the wall early, finishing the race in pain, or sometimes not finishing at all, but we can help you prevent it. Running even splits for the entire race takes practice and it pays off. Our pacers will help you run an even race. You will get to the finish line feeling better than ever before. Well… except you still have to run the entire race. Check out this article we wrote about how to pace a race like a pro.

Your own personal motivator

Do the voices in your head ever make you doubt your abilities? Our personal pacers are here to motivate you throughout the entire distance, especially during the tough times. Most runners experience “the wall” at one point during a long race. You will have someone to rely on if it happens. Your pacer will also keep you updated on your progress. No more need for complicated math while tired!

Any distance, any pace

Personal running pacers are not only used for marathons or half-marathons. Maybe you are trying to break 20 or 30 minutes on a 5K. Or maybe sub-1 hour or sub-40 minutes on a 10K. We can help with any of those. Our personal running pacers can run fast. We can get help you break 18 minutes on a 5K, 37 minutes on a 10K, 1:20 for a half-marathon, and under 3 hours for a marathon. Use the contact form below to tell us about your goal.

Train Properly

Finishing a race on time starts with training properly for the race. Cut corners during training or skips runs, and you will pay the price on race day. This is why we offer coaching and training plans along with our pacing packages. Our coaches will hold you accountable throughout training and you will feel comfortable running with them on race day.

Run with a team

Do you have training partners with a similar goal? Split the cost of your personal running pacer between several people and still enjoy all the benefits. Contact us using the form below and let us know your team is interested!

What we CAN’T do

We can help you accomplish your goals but there are certain things we can’t do because they are unethical, not allowed by race directors, or simply frowned upon.

We can’t carry your bib

This is also called “bib muling”. Our pacers will not carry your bib and run the race for you. This is plain and simple. You have to finish the race on your own. We only provide a rabbit you can chase through the entire race. We also provide encouragement, reassurance, and tips throughout the entire run. We’re like an iPod, except we actually talk back when you ask a question.

We can’t carry your water/nutrition

While we can offer guidance as to what you should drink and will set reminders of when you should eat or drink, we will not carry your water/nutrition. This practice is usually banned by race directors. And even if it’s not, we think it takes away from your accomplishment.

We can’t provide physical help

Unless you are experiencing an emergency, we can’t carry you across the finish line or during any part of the course. You have to finish the race using your own power.

Qualify for Boston

Qualifying for Boston is a life goal for many. But the qualifying standards are hard to reach. This is where we come in. With a combination of coaching, custom training plan, and personal pacing, we will help you get qualified for the race! Our team has experience qualifying and running in Boston, we can help you. Check out the qualifying standards below and contact us to get started.


18 to 34 – 3:35:00
35 to 39 – 3:40:00
40 to 44 – 3:45:00
45 to 49 – 3:55:00
50 to 54 – 4:00:00
55 to 59 – 4:10:00
60 to 64 – 4:25:00
65 to 69 – 4:40:00
70 to 74 – 4:55:00
75 to 79 – 5:10:00
80 and over – 5:25:00


18 to 34 – 3:05:00
35 to 39 – 3:10:00
40 to 44 – 3:15:00
45 to 49 – 3:25:00
50 to 54 – 3:30:00
55 to 59 – 3:40:00
60 to 64 – 3:55:00
65 to 69 – 4:10:00
70 to 74 – 4:25:00
75 to 79 – 4:40:00
80 and over – 4:55:00

How it works

1: Choose a race and a time goal, and contact us using the form below and tell us about your expectations. We will review your goal and make sure we can help you.

2: We will select a qualified pacer based on your goal and geographical location, and provide you a quote.

3: If you choose this option, one of our coaches will create a custom training plan to ensure you get to the starting line fully prepared.

4: Throughout your training, your coach will ensure that you make adequate progress to accomplish your goal. This service is optional but highly recommended if you want to maximize your chances of meeting your goal.

5: A few days before the race, your pacer will go over race strategy and details about your big day. Your pacer will arrange to meet you at the starting line before the race.

6: Your pacer will help you start and finish the race at a constant pace, cheer and encourage you, and help you finish the race strong.



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