Meet the Team

Our experienced coaching team has a diverse background but a unified purpose. That purpose is simple: to support you in meeting your goals. Whether your goal is an upcoming race or just an improved level of fitness, our team can get you there. We utilize a scientific approach to generate your personalized training plan, incorporate drills and core exercises. Meet the team that’s ready to provide the tools you need to achieve your goals at the High-Altitude Training Institute.

greg reverdiau high altitude training institute


Founder, Coach & Trail Guide

Greg Reverdiau is certified VDOT O2 Distance running coach and an accomplished athlete. He has competed in a variety of event from 5Ks to Ultra-marathons, and Half and Full Ironman Triathlons.

The idea for the High-Altitude Training Institute came to him after moving from Florida to Northern Arizona. His fitness level and racing times improved considerably, even during periods of low training. What started as a means to lose weight quickly became a passion that he hopes to pass along to others.

His training philosophies include quality training sessions mixed with a balance of healthy eating and living. A sub-three hour marathoner, his current goal is to improve his marathon and half-marathon times (PR: 1:16:23). Training from Prescott, he hopes to spend more time fastpacking in nature to prepare for multi-day events in the surrounding National Parks. When he’s not running, Greg enjoys his second passion: aviation. He is a Commercial Pilot as well as a licensed Flight Instructor. He also likes good food and craft beer.

john davis high altitude training institute


Lead Coach & Trail Guide

John Davis is certified VDOT O2 Distance running coach. He has years of experience coaching both adults and high school athletes from beginner levels through advanced elites. John is not only a coach, but a dedicated and passionate runner himself. He is a 7-time Space Coast Runner of the Year Series Overall Champion, a Running Zone Race Series Overall Champion, and the 2015 RRCA Florida State Half Marathon Champion. John has PRs of 16:07 5K, 27:27 8K, 34:44 10K, 53:12 15K, 1:15:04 half marathon, and 2:42:21 marathon. John loves taking a scientific approach to coaching and helping others achieve and exceed their goals.

Kati Craig high altitude training institute


Certified Plant Based Nutritionist

Kati is a master’s prepared Nurse Practitioner board certified in family practice. She currently practices Internal Medicine in Florida. Kati has a special interest in wellness. Her graduate studies focused on behavioral interventions for weight loss. She is certified in Plant Based Nutrition.

Outside of work, Kati is an avid runner, and has been involved in swimming, cycling, and soccer. She has a keen interest in sports medicine, nutrition, and running related injuries. Kati has been running for over 20 years. She has competed in distances from 5K’s to marathons to 50 milers. She has raced all over the country including the Boston Marathon, Georgia Pine Mountain 50K endurance race, 24 hour ultra in Virgina, and the Phoenix Trail Half Marathon. Her favorite distance is the Half Marathon and beyond. Her favorite terrain is trails!

Her training philosophy involves being a well-rounded runner which to her, means a lifestyle of disciplined training, eating right, adequate sleep, injury prevention, and recognition and treatment of small problems before they become long-term injuries. She believes that we should “Live and Run today in a way that we can Run tomorrow”

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