run the prescott circle trail

The Prescott Circle Trail
Run Challenge





6,700 ft


3 DAYS | 56 MILES | 6,700 FT

Are you up for a challenge?

We are pleased to offer Prescott Circle Trail tour runs, or as we like to call it: The Prescott Circle Trail Challenge! The plan is simple: run 56 miles, 6,700ft of elevation gain, in 3 days, with 2 nights of camping along the way. From the time you arrive to the time you leave, we take care of everything. So all you have to do is run. We pick you up on Friday from a pre-determined location in Prescott and drop you off at the first trail head with your guides. From there, you hit the trails while the rest of our crew drives to the first campground and sets up everything. While you are enjoying the beautiful views around the Circle Trail, we cook dinner, put your favorite adult beverage in the cooler, and make sure everything is ready when you arrive at camp. For the early season tours, we may even heat up some hot chocolate!

More: Prescott Circle Trail Full Description with GPX Tracks
guided trail run Prescott Circle Trail Javelina Trailguided trail run Prescott Circle Trail
guided trail run Prescott Circle Trailguided trail run Prescott Circle Trail
guided trail run Prescott Circle Trailguided trail run Prescott Circle Trail
guided trail run Prescott Circle Trailguided trail run Prescott Circle Trail
We’ve got your back!

No more worries about getting lost. We provide guides in the front and the back of each group. Flags will be posted along the course so you don’t miss a turn. Not only are our guides equipped with GPS watches loaded with the map, they also carry emergency equipment such as Personal Beacons and first aid kits. No matter your pace, we have your back. And if you want to stop to take a few pictures, it’s all fine with us. This is not a race. The intent is to challenge yourself, have fun, and discover the beautiful variety of trails Prescott has to offer.

More: Take a look at these trail videos and maps to get an idea of what to expect.

What’s included?

In short, we provide the following:

  • 3 days...

    …of fun trail running in one of the most beautiful settings in Arizona

  • Transportation

    To the trail heads and back to your car at the end of the trip

  • Gear Transport

    Between campsites so all you have to do is run

  • Breakfast and Dinner

    Dinner (x2) and breakfast (x2) at the campsite

  • Tent Rental

    And tent setup (optional)

  • Trail Guides

    Trail guides in front and back so you don’t get lost

  • Trail Maps

    Detailed trail maps and flagged course.

  • Fees Included

    Camping and Park Fees where appropriate

  • Good Company

    Plenty of unwanted advices, jokes, and other moral support along the way 🙂

You provide

  • All necessary gear for 3 days, 56 miles of running. Remember to bring warm clothes, even in the summer.
  • Lunch food that can fit in your day pack. Because we will be in the middle of nowhere, we can’t provide a warm lunch. Be creative!
  • If you want to provide your own tent, bring it. It will be ready for you to setup at the camp site.
  • A camp chair, deck of card, guitar, banjo, scary stories or anything you want to be super comfortable at the camp site
More: How to get ready, including some tips on altitude acclimation.

Two-day option

Are you not ready for 56 miles just yet but would like to enjoy a week-end of trail running? Fear not, we have you covered! Skip Friday and join the group on Saturday and Sunday. You will still log 38 miles, enjoy one evening under the stars and share memories with your new running friends. Check out the options below.


Ranch to Watson Lake

Distance: 18.3 miles
Elevation Gain: 1900 ft
Number of trails: 6


Willow to Thumb Butte

Distance: 22.6 miles
Elevation Gain: 2900 ft
Number of trails: 10


Thumb Butte to Goldwater Lake

Distance: 15.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 1900 ft
Number of trails: 6

Not your everyday run

Let’s make sure of something, this is not your everyday run. Over 3 days, you will travel 56 miles and climb almost 6,700 feet. Some areas are technical, some areas are smooth. You will go through the National Forest, the Thumb Butte area, the Goldwater Lakes area, the Granite Mountain area, to only name a few. This is no walk in the park! But we like to say: if it were easy, everyone would do it! So get your most comfortable kicks, your favorite running vest, a few gallons of Tailwind or Gatorade, a few crunchy power bars and let’s get going!

Expect to run 17.6 miles on day 1 with about 1,900ft of elevation gain. After a hearty breakfast, we will depart for Day 2 and the most challenging day. Expect 21.7 miles with approx. 2,800ft of elevation gain. After a good night sleep under the stars in the middle of the National Forest, we will head for the final stretch of 15.6 miles and approx. 1,800ft of elevation gain. We will start running most days around 9-10am, sometimes earlier in the summer months. Note about camping: the campground for the first night offers restrooms, showers, picnic tables, and grills. The campground on the second night is primitive and does NOT offer much of anything except a fire pit. Please plan accordingly.

Head out to our event calendar to see available dates. We keep the groups small to provide quality services so don’t delay booking!


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