Podcast Ep. 4 – Cross Training for Runners

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cross training for runners

Podcast Episode 4: Cross Training for Runners In this week’s podcast, we discuss a topic requested by several of our followers: cross training for runners. If your interest is in biking, swimming, lifting, or any other workouts, listen to our team’s advice. Not only do we bring up the topic of cross training for runners but we also discuss the … Read More

Podcast Ep. 1 – The importance of weekly mileage

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Podcast Episode 1: The importance of weekly mileage

Podcast #1: The Importance of Weekly Mileage Today’s podcast includes the High Altitude Training Institute’s very own Greg, John, and Tom to tackle some key topics in the discussion of weekly mileage. Each of them are from a different part of the country. So it will be interesting to see the differences between Greg training in the mountains of Arizona, … Read More