Podcast Ep. 4 – Cross Training for Runners

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cross training for runners

Podcast Episode 4: Cross Training for Runners

In this week’s podcast, we discuss a topic requested by several of our followers: cross training for runners. If your interest is in biking, swimming, lifting, or any other workouts, listen to our team’s advice. Not only do we bring up the topic of cross training for runners but we also discuss the importance of core workouts.

A few rules to follow

Many runners who are looking to improve add core workouts and cross training to their schedule. But with the wrong approach, these workouts can diminish your performance. As such, it is important to follow a few basic rules. One of those rules is to ensure that your base mileage is covered.

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Another important rule is to incorporate core exercises in addition to – and not in lieu of – your easy miles. Our team recommends using training videos and developing a series of exercises. Following a run, these sessions do not have to be long. As little as 10 minutes can improve your performance. Tom, our strength specialists, details how you too can start incorporating these in your routine.

For runners looking to mix things up

Cross training for runners is a perfect way to mix things up. And if things hurt because of impact, choose another activity that is more gentle on your knees. Not everyone can run 7 days per week. For example, adding swimming can be a good way to work your upper body. And because it is low impact, it is a perfect supplement to running. Tune in for more tips on other sports that could benefit you.

Cross training while injured

Finally, our team discusses how you can use other certain sports to stay in shape while injured. It is not because you can’t run that you can’t exercise. Listen to John explain how his running mates dealt with running injuries…

As always, this is a great topic, and one that you don’t want to miss! Tune in on iTunes and SoundCloud and Like us on Facebook!

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