Podcast Ep. 1 – The importance of weekly mileage

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Podcast Episode 1: The importance of weekly mileage

Podcast #1: The Importance of Weekly Mileage

Today’s podcast includes the High Altitude Training Institute’s very own Greg, John, and Tom to tackle some key topics in the discussion of weekly mileage. Each of them are from a different part of the country. So it will be interesting to see the differences between Greg training in the mountains of Arizona, John training in the blazing heat of Florida, and Tom training at altitude in Denver. And their running backgrounds are very different so we should see some interesting differences in perspective.

Easy miles or “junk miles”?

These seasoned runners are going to give their viewpoints about some interesting questions such as whether the extra easy-pace miles are just “junk miles” or actually valuable training. How important are easy runs and what percentage of your overall mileage should they make up? How often and how much can you increase your weekly mileage? When can a run be split into a double without losing any benefit, and when is it important to keep a single longer distance run? What about when I’m increasing mileage, how much can I increase and for how many weeks in a row? Lots of good questions!

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Maybe one of the most important topics to be discussed is that of consistency and when a runner needs to take a break. But taking a break from running is a difficult topic, and not everyone agrees, so let’s hear what these guys think about taking a break from workouts, taking a complete break from running, and the duration that might make sense for a break without starting to lose serious fitness.

Overall, this should be a strong topic, and we’ll see the viewpoints from three different runners training in three different parts of the country.

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