Goldwater Lake Trail #396

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Goldwater Lake Trail #396

Goldwater Lake Trail #396


The Goldwater Lake Trail #396 is a point-to-point, 4-mile trail in the Prescott National Forest. It offers amazing views of both Goldwater lakes via beautiful single tracks. The trail is easy to navigate with very few options to turn off of it. It is accessible from the south side at the White Spar Campground or on the north side via a small parking lot along Senator Highway. It is also part of the Prescott Circle Trail.

Goldwater Lake trail #396
Goldwater Lake trail #396
Goldwater Lake trail #396
Goldwater Lake trail #396

From the White Spar Campground, the trail starts with a series of steep switchbacks leading to a vista overlook. From there, it goes down toward a creek. The trail then goes up again through single track switchbacks and views of the lake before going down one last time towards the lake shore. You will have the option to either go view the lake or continue on #396 towards Senator Highway. 99% of this trail is single track with a mix of hard pack smooth surface and some rocky and loose gravel areas.


The Goldwater Lake Trail can be covered with a fair amount of snow between December and February. The combination of 6,000+ft of elevation and the consistent shade in certain sections can cause the snow to remain for extended periods. Be sure to check the status of the trail before heading out. The vegetation really starts to grow and this trail turns green at the end of Spring and during the Summer monsoon season. Be sure to check it out!

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Duration: 35:39
Distance: 4 miles
Elevation gain: 940 feet


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