Garden Grove Trail #392

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Garden Grove Trail #392 PNF

Garden Grove Trail #392


The Garden Grove Trail #392 in the Prescott National Forest is a single-track trail located in the Thumb Butte area. Its challenging terrain up “the switchbacks” offers beautiful views of both Thumb Butte and Granite Mountain.

The 1.5-mile-long Garden Grove Trail #392 is part of the Prescott Circle Trail and connects to various other PNF trails. On the north side, it starts with Javelina Trail #332. It later joins Miller Creek Trail #367 and the new Garden Party Trail #324. On the south side, it connects directly to a four-way intersection with the Thumb Butte Bypass Trail #326 and the Circle Trail Connector #322.

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The Garden Grove Trail #392 crosses several creeks during the wet season. It navigates through tall pines, a terrain very characteristic of the Prescott National Forest. It is accessible from several areas along Thumb Butte road or the Thumb Butte Parking area (fee involved).

The switchbacks area contains four consecutive sharp turns with some challenging gradient that runners, hikers, and mountain bikers all love! See the GPX section below to download the GPX file.

prescott garden grove trail 392 hike runprescott garden grove trail 392 hike run
prescott garden grove trail 392 hike runprescott garden grove trail 392 hike run
prescott garden grove trail 392 hike runprescott garden grove trail 392 hike run

The Garden Grove Trail #332 is 100% single-track with several creek crossings. About 50% smooth hard packed sand and 50% loose rocky terrain with small rocks (see pictures in the gallery). During the snowy season, the trail will see some snow and may be impractical.

prescott garden grove trail 392 hike run

The following treadmill video goes north-bound, running downhill on the switchbacks. It was recorded at the same time as the Butte Creek Trail video. Use it to continue your run!

Duration: 18:17
Distance: 2.3 miles
Elevation loss: 525 feet


This GPX file contains both the GPX track for the video. It also includes Miller Creek Trail #367 and a portion of the Thumb Butte Bypass #326 and the entire Garden Grove Trail #392 (right-click, save is recommend).

Copyright note: the GPX data is available for personal use only. Please contact me for commercial use.

If you need help with managing your GPX files, be sure to check the Tutorials section for help on how to combine GPX tracks, or simply dealing with a large collection of trails.

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