Butte Creek Trail in Prescott, AZ

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Butte Creek #321 video

Butte Creek Trail Video


The Butte Creek trail starts at Stricklin Park in the Thumb Butte area in Prescott, AZ. It navigates through the Hassayampa Golf Course and some private land before entering the Prescott National Forest (PNF) via trail #321. From there, enjoy beautiful views of the south side of Thumb Butte for a few miles.

Trail #321 eventually connects to Trail #323, also known as Cramp Hill. Continuing left on #321 eventually leads to a four-way intersection with Trail #327 (Potts Creek), which is part of the Prescott Circle Trail. After a right turn on #327, the beginning of trail #322 (Circle Trail Connector) leads to the end of the video below. At the four way intersection, go either left or right on Trail #326 or straight through “the switchbacks” on Trail #392 (Garden Grove).


Butte Creek Trail during the 2015 snow season.

butte creek prescott az
butte creek prescott az
butte creek prescott az

The first few 2 miles are fairly technical through some rocky terrain and some elevation gain. Upon joining #321, the terrain flattens a bit through a smooth single track with beautiful views of Thumb Butte. You will get back down to cross Butte Creek, which will be active during snow-melting or monsoon seasons. After a few more creek crossings, the trail enters the heart of the National Forest with tall pine trees and gentle hills. This course is 100% single track and offers a variety of technical and non-technical terrain. Note that a portion of this video goes through the Prescott Circle Trail.

This trail can be covered with a fair amount of snow between December and February. The combination of 6,000+ft of elevation and the consistent shade in certain sections can cause the snow to remain for extended periods. Be sure to check the status of the trail before heading out.


Duration: 25:51
Distance: 2.7 miles
Elevation gain: 604 feet


The following map includes an mile extra from Stricklin Park to the beginning of the video.

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